Place Setting Lesson Plan (PHSE)

I am big believer in teaching tasks that promote independence – even if it means incorporating life skills into core subject activities. Below is a very simple resource (a table place setting ) that can be used in several ways and can tick off lots of b-squared targets.

place setting (Print and Laminate)

I have written a very basic lesson plan below to show how this simple activity can form the basis of a PHSE/English/Maths lesson. You will notice I have incorporated a range of b-squared targets to show how this lesson can appeal to a diverse group.

Starter Activity – Sit around the table with lots of cutlery scattered in front of students. Sign the word ‘fork’, pick up a fork and ask students if they can find one the same. P5 students to locate a fork in the kitchen. Repeat activity for cutlery and if necessary, crockery. Praise students who find the object, use a ‘countdown’ to make the activity fun. Extend by asking students to find ‘2 forks’ etc.

Matches objects (Maths Using and Applying) P3ii

Points to object when asked (English, Listening) P4

Brings a specific object from another room (PHSE) P5

Main Activity – Complete a carousel of activities; 1. Sort cutlery into a cutlery tray 2. Practise preparing a table by using the laminated place setting activity 3. Match pictures of cutlery and crockery to the place setting sheet or find cutlery in a sensory tray 4. Match photos/symbols/words to pictures of cutlery and crockery.

Looks for familiar object (PHSE) P3ii

Looks at picture and points to object (English, Speaking) P4

Begins to match object to object (Maths, Shape, Space and Measure) P5

Plenary – As a group, set up the table – using the place setting sheet as support where needed. Enjoy a snack together as a class, using the cutlery and crockery appropriately, maybe even invite another class to share the activity!

Offers object to others (English, Reading) P3ii

Uses equipment as requested (PHSE) P4

Selects appropriate tool for task, e.g. spoon to eat with (Maths, Using and Applying) P5


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