Hi, my name is Jess. I live in South Wales and teach within the ‘Autism Base’ in a special needs school in Ebbw Vale. I live with my Maths teacher husband Jon, my 4 month old son William and rescue dog Henson.

I started my teaching career in a fantastic special needs school in London where my love of PECS, visual schedules and a sensory curriculum began. I have taught some absolutely amazing young people and worked with some inspirational adults who have enabled me to promote excellent individualised education. I am forever thankful to those who showed me how to teach young people with autism… and shared laughter and tears after the 3.30 bell (often over a glass of wine!).

After sharing some resources on TES and following some very interesting educators on twitter, I have decided if I can help just a handful of people by producing a blog and sharing resources it must be worth doing!

I don’t proclaim to be an expert in all areas of autism and I am constantly trying to improve on my own practise. Please feel free to contact me and leave comments where possible.

Here is my twitter account and pinterest to share all the wonderful resources from other professionals.

Happy reading and downloading!


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